When most people ask for help, they are usually asking you to make a financial contribution to their cause. Well what if you could make a difference that could change someone’s life simply by posting online? We do it a hundred times a day through facebook, twitter, and other social media sites, and it’s all that J.C. Potts of Pangea Piercing is asking us to do to help make a difference in a young man’s life.¬†Chris Huckstadt is an aspiring piercer in Long Island who, at only 15, is fighting a very aggressive form of cancer. He is barely old enough to be a part of our modification community, and yet he is facing something harder than many of us as adults will ever have to go through. Rather than dwell on his situation or ask for sympathy, Chris’ only request is to meet his idol, J.C. Potts.

J.C. has contacted many major airlines to try and arrange for them to donate flights for him and his film crew to make it to Long Island to visit Chris, but so far has been told he isn’t a big enough celebrity for them to do anything. So he is out to prove just how big the modification world is, by asking all of us to politely tag, message, or post about this to get their attention. We are by no means a small community, and what he is asking literally takes less than 5 minutes out of your day. Please watch the video and post to these companies. Help us get them the support to make this kid’s day a little brighter. We have proven before how fiercely we can pull together, let’s show Chris and his mom just how amazing this community is that he wants to be a part of.

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