For many of us, our first suspension was a moving and personal event that marks a great moment in our lives. There are some experiences, however, that also make a dramatic impact on not only the suspendee, but those lucky enough to witness it as well. One of the most touching suspensions I have seen are these photos from Tom‘s first steps into the body suspension community; they happen to be the first steps he has taken in almost 10 years.

Nearly a decade ago, Tom was in a serious motorcycle accident which claimed his left leg, arm, shoulder, and collar bone, confining him to a wheelchair. After months of discussing the idea of suspending with his friend Jake of WayLay Suspension, plans were made to put him up. Careful planning was needed to ensure his comfort and safety as they worked around the missing support system of bones in his left shoulder. The final decision was to place 2 hooks in his torso and 4 hooks down his back. All that was left was the actual suspension itself.

Once his rigging was finished, Tom was raised to a standing position, and given time to adjust to the feeling. With little hesitation he instructed the team to get him up. I think with the smile on his face in these photos, saying that he enjoyed himself is a drastic understatement. He loved it! After coming down for a minute, he chose to go back up a second time, having just as much fun as the first round. He is already discussing his next idea, which is looking like it will be a ‘Captain Kirk’. Hopefully we will see more photos as he continues to explore suspension.

About his friend’s suspension, Jake said, “Tom’s guts and perseverance is and inspiration to me. Proving to himself, he can overcome any obstacle¬†he puts his mind to. We made a dream come true for him that day, and I know the rest of us took something home as well!”

I think this story is one that reminds us of what an incredible thing we are all a part of. Hearing Tom’s story game me chills and a huge smile of my face. I can’t begin to imagine what a positive and empowering experience this must have been for him. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.