“Truly ahead of his time.”   This phrase has been used throughout the ages to describe a myriad of different people.  However, within the suspension community, this sentence illustrates no one better than Stelarc.

For those who do not know his name, Stelarc is one of the most famous and influential suspension pioneers.  Between the years of 1976 and 1989, several years before the beginning of the age of modern body suspension, Stelarc had performed 25 extraordinarily difficult and breathtaking beautiful suspensions.  Several of which are featured here on his website – http://stelarc.org/?catID=20316

Over the next few days or weeks you will definitely be seeing more about Stelarc here on Hook Life, including some official announcements about his upcoming lecture and performance at the 2013 Dallas Suspension Convention.  In the meantime, I would like to present a video that gives a bit more insight into the artist’s work spanning far beyond the topic of suspension.  Enjoy: