I know that by now AGRO Suspension needs no introductions here on Hook Life, but for those of you who may not have been paying attention, the AGRO Sideshow in Houston has quickly been gaining momentum and making a name for themselves as well. Khris Harding and Kieran Diedrich have been hard at work booking shows and advertising to get things going for this group, and it has certainly paid off. I have heard nothing but positive reviews of the energetic performances they put on featuring members of AGRO on stage with hooks, skewers, and other amazing (and sometimes painful) ways to entertain the audiences.

The AGRO sideshow formed in 2010, and with many of the members having previous experience in performance through other teams such as CoRE, they already had a solid foundation to begin building their stage show. The work that goes into a planning, booking, and performing a show like this goes well beyond what is seen on stage. Although I’m sure that there are several people behind the scenes making all of this come together, I have repeatedly heard praise for the time that Khris has put into it. It’s apparent in talking to him about it how much he cares for AGRO and the AGRO Sideshow. That love for his team has definitely shown through in the effort he has made to ensure that the AGRO Sideshow is a success.

I don’t think there is any doubt about whether or not they will do well. It is AGRO after all; they have never ceased to impress me in one way or another with the things that they do. If you are in the area you should get to a show and see it first hand, and if you aren’t nearby, well get yourself a couple days off work and make the drive. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

These wonderful photos are by Shane Wilson of Kryptic Visions Photography and Design, who was nice enough to let me steal them for this article. make sure to check out the rest of his work, and if you would like to find out where AGRO will be performing next, keep up with them on Facebook!