I have always ha quite a bit of respect for Skindependent Suspension. From the first time I spoke to Eden Thomson, it was clear that his focus was on learning more and bettering himself as a practitioner. After attending the Dallas Sucon Practitioners’ Convention with his fiance and teammate Kyrsten Wallace, he was inspired to turn his attention to training each of the members on his team in every aspect of suspension, from cross contamination to ornate and artistic rigging. They have come a long way over the last several months, and their hard work shows in the beautiful suspensions they provide for individuals in New Zealand.

In order to further their team’s education, they not only hold a monthly meet where they gain experience in everything they have learned, but also come together weekly to address any questions they may have, review over new information they have learned, and assist one another in hands on skills like knot tying. Although it’s pretty common for teammates to be friends, it’s wonderful to see a group that is so tight knit and focused on helping one another better themselves.

I was recently fortunate enough to visit Skindependent and work with them during their Sunday session for November. I was certainly not disappointed. It was great to work with individuals who were willing to try new things, but who also readily admitted when something was beyond their skill or comfort level. I think that as time goes on and they continue to grow, this is a team that we will see continue to perform some truly stunning suspensions.

Thank you to everyone on Skindependent for these lovely photos, as well as for the incredible hospitality while I was visiting.