It always surprises me how differently people view images of body suspension. Those who have either not been around it or simply do not enjoy it often can’t get past the idea of the hooks in flesh to appreciate the image itself. On the other hand, for those of us who have a love for suspension it’s easy to understand what that person is feeling; the excitement, the happiness, and the thrill of that moment can often be clearly seen. When you add to it that the photos are of a beautiful girl suspended by some fantastic practitioners and captured by the very talented Todd Eko, you get images that not only share the emotion of the moment with us, but that make you smile just by looking at them.

The young lady suspending is none other than the lovely Patton Suicide of Suicide Girls, and fitting with the theme she chose to perform a suicide suspension during her visit to the Loft. I looked through several great photos of this suspension along with watching the video, and it was wonderful to see someone who looks so at carefree and ease the whole time.

Part of that relaxation probably comes from being the very skilled hands of Mute-One and Jamie Mayhem. The pair worked together to set up and facilitate this suspension, and clearly it was a great experience for Patton. Not that it surprises me much; in all of the photos and videos I have seen, everyone suspending at the loft looks incredibly happy.

Thanks again to all of you for the wonderful photographs and video. I’m always happy to see what you all have going on, I hope we continue to see more in the future.

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