Every time the Italian Suscon comes around, I am both excited to see photos and saddened that my schedule has yet to allow time to make it to this fantastic event. Many of us have seen first hand how suspension tends to bring out a variety of emotions from people, with reactions ranging from excitement and happiness for some to tears and huge emotional releases for others. One of my favorite things about looking through the photos from this year was seeing how in almost every image the suspendees have looks of complete bliss on their faces as they suspend in this beautiful and positive environment. And there is certainly plenty of things about this event that make it such a great place to suspend. Besides the variety of great practitioners and friends that attend the event, it is set on the Italian coast with both indoor and outdoor rigging points, including one even set up over the water to allow suspendees to hang in the sea.

This event is a chance for old and new friends to come together and have some fun, but it is also a great learning opportunity for many. This year Ron Garza presented a class discussing his experience participating in the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand. I was lucky enough to hear him speak about the topic previously at the Association of Professional Piercers conference in Las Vegas, and it’s a fascinating event to learn about, especially from someone who has first hand experience from it. Along with Ron’s class was Havve Fjell of Wings of Desire and Pain Solution to discuss rigging styles. Their team puts together some of the most visually stunning suspensions in the world; that combined with his extensive experience as a practitioner certainly makes it a topic in which he can offer plenty of insight.

The weekend was a wonderful success with 46 suspensions taking place thanks to the hard work of everyone involved. With any event it is impossible to name everyone who makes something like that come together, but Bruno and the A.P.T.P.I. definitely deserve a big thank you for all of their hard work in setting this up for the last 8 years.

For those of you who are interested in attending, there is good news. Although this year’s Italian Suscon has come and gone, the dates for the 9th annual Italian Suscon have already been announced for the weekend of September 15th, 2013. That gives you all plenty of time to clear your schedule, save up some money, and plan a trip to this fantastic event.

Photos by Andrea Galad. Be sure to check out the rest of the gallery at the A.P.T.P.I. website.