We know that many of you have been waiting for the final results from the Suspension Competition.  Why haven’t we posted them yet?  Well, besides the honest truth of just being overwhelmed from Dallas Suscon, we’ve also been waiting for a photo from award presentation.  So without further ado we give you the runner up and winner of the 2011 Suspension Competition.  In second place we have the entry from Helsinki’s Supersankari Suspension Team.  This photo received a total of 113 out of a possible 150 points and was the favorite of 2 judges. (Actually favorite of one, tied for favorite by a second judge)

Runner Up

…and the one you have all been waiting for…the winner of the 2011 Suspension Competition…with a total of 122 out of a possible 150 points…from CoRE LA


Suspension Competition Entry #15 with the information provided by the submitter:

Information about the entry: The Los Angeles City Hall building was designed by John Parkinson, John C. Austin, and Albert C. Martin, Sr., and was completed in 1928. Dedication ceremonies were held on April 26, 1928. It has 32 floors and, at 454 feet (138 m) high is the tallest base-isolated structure in the world. The original plan was to suspend on southern steps of city hall from a suitable tree that had been mapped out. After the Occupy Camp was evicted, City Hall property was fenced off and turned into a no trespassing zone with its own security detail. This forced us to scout new locations. We decided upon The Broad Plaza which is diagonal from City Hall and offers a multitude of structural rigging points with an unobstructed view of City Hall to utilize for the image we intended to capture. Anyone working at the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters that happened to look out one of the Eastern facing windows shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve 2011 would have seen the multitude of different colored remote camera strobes popping off to light the CoRE “Angel” performed by Andrew floating in the night sky. The entire CoRE crew was in and out without anyone having known we were there. We all learned that a guerrilla suspension is just a bit more exciting when you are hanging next to the jail you could end up in. Photography by Syrus.

The CoRE “Angel” is a non-suspending character that has been used in some prominent CoRE shows and processions over the past decade that is created using custom fabricated “wings”. The latest incarnation of the “wings” that are used to visually aid in creating the character are custom designed AMF Korsets crafted by Louis Fleisheur that are integrated with a steel mesh plate and aluminum frame fabricated by members of CoRE. The wings come to life once the bearer is laced into the korset and the aluminum frame is manually tensioned into the arc visually required to create the character. The frame is laced to the bearers back by multiple hooks down the upper back with 550 cord and the skin takes the tension as the aluminum fights to go back to its original position. To give birth to the suspending angel we used six eight gauge Blacksheep locking hooks pierced horizontal down the back for a 6 point vertical back suspension and laced the wings into the shackles with white 550 cord. We then rigged the suspension using black 550 cord and tactical black rigging gear to hide it in the shadows of Andrew as the flashes popped from various locations on the ground.

Congratulations to CoRE and thank you everyone for their amazing entries.  For those that have been asking, we will be putting together another competition for 2012, but this one will be a bit different.  Rather focusing on danger or high visibility, we will be looking for seclusion and beauty.  Yes, this year’s will be an outdoor/nature themed competition.  Details will be announced very soon, or at least once we recover from suscon.