Did we say competition?  So what’s this all about?  Well we’ll tell you…

Since the beginning of modern suspension the concept of hanging in public places has intrigued many practitioners. Of course suspending on a stage in front of an audience has it’s appeal, but for some this isn’t enough.  The idea of hanging out in the open in front of an unsuspecting crowd or in a location that might normally be forbidden brings with it an excitement and adrenaline rush that is difficult to describe.  In fact Stelarc, who is considered by many to be one the most influential suspension artists, experimented with many public suspensions.  Most infamous being the 1984 Street Suspension where he hung over a street in New York city.  Sadly, the performance was cut short when police pulled him into the building and asked this naked man for his ID.

Street Suspension © Stelarc Photograph: Nina Kuo

Have we gotten off topic?  Maybe a little, but any chance to write about Stelarc is always a good thing.  So we’re sure your wondering what this is all about.  A  Guerrilla Performance Art competition that involves suspension?  Yes folks.  The crew here at Hook Life has decided to put skills, courage and creativity to the test.  For more information on the contest read on…

Guerrilla Suspension Competition

We are challenging the suspension community to dream up, create, produce and photograph the most amazing Guerrilla Suspension.  Before anyone goes crazy we need to make one thing very clear.  Hook Life, suspension.org and our affiliates DO NOT condone any illegal or dangerous activities!    Now with that said here’s how it will work.

Please submit ONE photo via the form below.  You can submit as many different entries as you like, but please only one per suspension/location.  By submitting a photo you are giving suspension.org and Hook Life permission to use the photo on this site and possibly on other sites to promote this competition.

Photos will be judged and scored accordingly:

  • 20% – Location – Based on visual appeal and difficulty
    (this competition is to show the beauty of suspension not to promote negative stereotypes)
  • 20% – Suspension – More complex suspensions gain higher marks
  • 20% – Photography – Image quality and getting the perfect shot is part of the challenge
  • 40% – Creativity – Overall score based on judges opinions
  • Safety – Unsafe rigging and/or dangerous suspension practices will have points deducted

Grand Prize – A one of a kind “trophy” rig designed and donated by Skin Mechanics Steelworks.  The grand prize will be awarded at the 2012 Dallas Suscon.
Other Prizes – As the competition progresses we may adding more prizes.  Companies/Individuals interesting in donating prizes please contact Hook Life.


  • Allen Falkner – Administrator of suspension.org
  • Misty “Southtownbaby” Forsberg – Head Writer for Hook Life
  • Mark “nakedlens.org” Kaplan – Official Dallas Suscon Photographer
  • Stewart “S2B” Stephens – Certified Entertainment Production Rigger
  • Erik “Lizardman” Sprague – International Performer

For a further description and some examples of guerrilla suspension please visit the entry – http://www.suspension.org/hooklife/suspension-competition-description-and-examples/

Submissions will be accepted until December 31st, 2011.  After that date the judges top picks will be posted.  Good luck everyone.  We are looking forward to seeing your entries.

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