Valnei Santos is no stranger on Hook Life, and with his wonderful blog Vida Suspensa he has done a great job at keeping us up to speed with what is going on in his part of the world with body suspension. These beautiful photos are from a recent suspension day Valnei had in Recife with a few friends and photographers. They had spent two weeks searching for the perfect location when Center Productions offered to let them use their space for the morning. It was obviously worth the wait; the pictures came out fantastic.

With individuals out there who are willing to compromise the safety of a suspension because they lack supplies, education, or money to do things the right way, it’s wonderful when I read about those in the community who have their priorities straight. Rather than trying to continue suspending people after losing most of his equipment in Columbia, Valnei chose to take a break from suspensions to save money, buy new equipment, and start all over again.  Although no one enjoys having to wait when it comes to doing something you love, he said he feels if you do not have everything you need to be confident that you are doing the job safely and correctly, it is better to not be doing it at all. I couldn’t agree more, and I think it says a lot about him as a suspension practitioner that he would be willing to hold off on his work for the well being of those he is suspending.

It’s great to know that everyone involved had such a wonderful time, and that Valnei has been able get started again with suspensions. I am sure we will see many more of his photos and events on here in the future. In the meantime, make sure to check out the rest of the photographs from their day, along with the English version of his article about the suspensions they did here on his website. He was kind enough to have the page translated for those of us who don’t speak Portuguese.

Photography by: Athena Farias, Anderson Santiago, and Gabriela Machado

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