From Eden Thomson of Skindependent Suspension:

There is something very special when people experience their first suspension. I think a lot of it has to do with the satisfaction and sense ofaccomplishment gained when you let yourself go and your feet leave the ground for the first time. Seeing this on people’s faces is one of the most rewarding things about suspension for me as a practitioner. At our most recent Sunday Sessions, we had the pleasure of suspending Chelsea in a 4pt suicide for her first time. Below is what she had to say about her experience:

“Ahhh, my first suspension, what a positively life changing experience. The before and after were very much the same, a great feeling of excitement. The environment in a whole was very positive, good people, positive vibes, very relaxing.

When I had the hooks pierced through I was pretty amped up, my excitement was at its peak. For me personally there was not really any sensation of pain throughout the suspension, but pressure. As I was being lifted off the ground my excitement started to calm and once I was completely off the ground I experienced an overwhelming feeling of happiness and content.

It was incredible. I felt so at peace hanging in the air from hooks. Ever since then my mind has been going crazy with different ideas for suspensions I want to experience and endless ideas I want to explore. It is definitely something I would hugely encourage people to look into and give a go” – Chelsea

From a practitioner’s point of view, it was amazing to see her take flight. While we love to focus a lot of our suspensions on ornate rigging, it is always great to be able to execute a simple suspension such as a suicide with nice clean and simple lines. I think it is also very important to never lose sight of our manners with first time suspendees. It is easy to forget how it feels to be doing a suspension for the first time when most of us are around it so much. Taking a step back and making sure the focus is always on the person you are putting in the air is always of the utmost importance – this can make or break someone’s experience.

Well done to Chelsea and a big thank you to Light Fantastic for the photos.