It’s always a compliment when people from the suspension community go out of their way to work with your team. Having people travel to be suspended by you is such a wonderful gesture, and when that travel means making a 10,000 mile trip to get there, I would say it’s a clear sign that your team is definitely doing something right. There really isn’t any question for me on whether Skindependent Suspension is a great team, they have probably been the most organized and well run team I have ever worked alongside. Along with that, getting to see the photos and hear the experiences people have with this team makes it apparent why Siv and Peter chose them to facilitate their beautiful tandem suspension in February.

Siv & Peter Tandem-32

Siv and Peter met up with the Skindependent Suspension team at their February crew day in Christchurch. Many of you are probably well aware that when you are dealing with suspension it doesn’t take long to become close with those you are working with. Their crew meet was no different, and Siv jumped right in with the team to help facilitate suspensions that day. It gave her and Peter a chance to bond with the people who would be suspending them the next weekend as well as exchange information with fellow practitioners.

Siv & Peter Tandem-60

Their weekend finally arrived, and the team set to work prepping and marking the two suspendees. Thanks to planning ahead with mapping out the rigging and hook placement, as well as having two very tough suspendees, the crew was able to quickly get through piercing the thirty hooks needed for the suspension and move onto the difficult task of rigging.

Siv & Peter Tandem-66

First up was Siv, who was in a superman position and able to get in the air in a matter of minutes after the rigging was complete. The most difficult portion of the rigging came in bringing the rigline from Siv’s body, to a swivel that joined the two, and on down to Peter, all while maintaining the mirrored style of the rigline at it went from point to point. Once connected, it was just a matter of getting Peter in the air to have the whole piece complete. After a few moments to settle into the tension on his hooks, he was off the ground and spinning under Siv.

Siv & Peter Tandem-72

I am told they were both ecstatic to finally be in their air together, and I doubt they even notices as the photographer, Martin, worked to capture the moment. It’s an incredible feeling to suspend with someone and know that every breath and movement is connected and shared between you. Although no picture can convey what they both felt or went through, the serenity that is portrayed in these photos is stunning. Love, accomplishment, happiness, friendship, strength; it really captures so much of what I find so fascinating about suspension.

Thank you, Joshua, for the information about the suspension, and a huge congratulations to the Skindependent Crew and the suspendees for bringing together such a breathtaking suspension day for these two.