While searching through photographs online, I have come across more and more suspension related artwork; everything from traditional sketches and painting to designs for fliers and group logos. Taking part in a suspension or even just witnessing one can be a very moving experience. It makes sense that those feelings would inspire other forms of art as well. The artist featured here, Ivan Ponomarev who runs Greed Design and Photo in Bryansk, Russia, created these designs for The Sinner Team.

Although we both had an interesting time trying to get though the language barrier we faced, he told me a little about his artwork. The work he does comes from a combination of traditional drawing and graphic design. In addition to this Ivan also works as a photographer, with an extensive portfolio that includes his work with this suspension group.

The creativity of the artwork I have come across amazes me. I have seen everything from cute hanging mobiles to creepy suspension dolls recently. Perhaps it is the growing attention that suspension is gaining, or simply the fact that more people are becoming aware of what suspension is. Regardless of the cause, it is wonderful to see our community being portrayed in such beautiful ways. I’m sure what I have come across so far is only a small glimpse at the amount of fascinating things inspired by suspension.

Thank you so much to Ivan for the lovely artwork, and for his patience with my attempts at translating to Russian.

If you have come across any artists or artwork you think should be featured on Hook Life, let me know at southtownbaby@suspension.org