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As you might know, we are in the process of making another book! This time, it’s the last decade of Pain Solution that we want to share with you. Once again, Helene Fjell’s incredible photos are the main content of the book, supported by Håvve Fjell’s thoughts on life, love, pain, and the art and business of being a Sideshow Fakir. 

We got a bit wiser after Learning to Fly. Trying to publish a book for the first time wasn’t easy but we sure made it happen and even got two awards for it! This book will not be quite as heavy as the last (who thought sending an extra few grams of paper could suddenly make things so much more expensive?!), and this time we researched worldwide shipping better.

The life of a Fakir is not an easy one, and especially not a luxurious one. But still, Håvve and his Pain Solution partners, Marte and Morten travel the world giving it all to entertain their audiences. If you have ever seen Pain Solution perform, you know how dedicated they are and how much they love the work that they do. They don’t do it for fame, they certainly don’t do it for money, but even though it might be rough and challenging at times, they do it out of a passion for bringing their unique art to the stage and sharing it with their audience. 

At this time, the campaign is 44% funded with 16 more days to go. Which is where you come in—we need your help to make this book a reality! Please take a look at our campaign, please buy the book, please buy more of the books and please tell your friends and community about it! We are counting on you!


To Bleed or Not to Bleed takes you on an up-close and personal journey with Håvve Fjell’s internationally renowned performance group, Pain Solution. Covering the period from 2003 until 2015, told in the words of the performers themselves, and seen through the lens of award winning photographer Helene Fjell, this book is a must have for aficionados of sideshow, body art, extreme performance, and powerful photography.


This is the third book by the brother and sister team of Håvve and Helene Fjell. Their first book: Ten Years of Pain (Hertervig Forlag, 2003), covered the genesis and early years of Pain Solution. The second book: Wings of Desire: Learning to Fly, (PS Media, 2012) was an award-winning look at the body suspension group Wings of Desire that Håvve founded in 2002. To Bleed or Not to Bleed picks up the trail of Pain Solution where the first book left off. In the last decade, Pain Solution has grown and morphed into something larger than Håvve. The intensity remains but the group has become more playful, funny, whimsical, and accessible with the addition of The Maniac and The Princess of Scars to complement The HeadMaster, Håvve.


To Bleed or Not to Bleed covers the trials and triumphs of Pain Solution through its second, exciting, and challenging decade of bringing their unique talents to the stage. It is the story of a lone performer who grooms two protégés to stand as equals at his side and, in the process, creates something larger than any of them could have made on their own. Håvve’s words (with contributions from The Maniac, and The Princess) combined with Helene’s striking and insightful photos provide you with a rare glimpse into these unique performers who give everything for their art.


With layout of this brilliant synthesis of words and images executed by the acclaimed Trine + Kim Design Studio, this book will be a work of art in itself. After two years of pre-production, sifting through thousands of images, and a painstaking process of converting thoughts and feelings to text, what we need now is your help to make the last, crucial bit happen. Yes, as you guessed, we need a little bit of your money but—in true Pain Solution style—you can expect to get back more than you give!