Halloween has come and gone for another year, and in Columbus that meant another chance for mayhem and mischief at Trauma, an annual fetish event in Ohio. Photos and video are starting to surface for those of use who missed out on the fun, and it looks like there was plenty of excitement on the stage to keep the crowds entertained. This year’s suspension performances were organized by Mute-One, and as you can see in these lovely photos by B. Hockensmith Photography, it was an incredible night for everyone there.

With performances ranging from a cut down on bungee lines to a spinning beam, it was certainly a chance to see some suspensions that stepped it up a notch from your average sight of a person swinging on hooks. I’m sure the crowd was thrilled with the entertainment that Mute-One brought them once again for this year’s festivities, as well as for the hard work put into the performances by everyone involved.

If you weren’t able to make it this year, you had better start clearing your schedule for the next time it comes around, and keep your fingers crossed that these talented members of the suspension community are there. Until then, you can get a glimpse of the suspensions that took place both nights with this video recap of their performances.

Thank you to Mute-One for the video, and Brian Hockensmith for letting me steal his fantastic photos from the evening.