Sunday, March 27th, marked this year’s third monthly suspension meet for Wings of Desire in Oslo, Norway. This month brought together newcomers as well as plenty of familiar faces for the twelve suspensions they performed that day. Havve said that it was a pleasure to see everyone working hard as trainees learned the basics, while the more advanced practitioners took time to improve their skills in areas where it was needed. With everyone working together, it made for a wonderful and relaxing day of suspensions for everyone involved.

Rolf, who is no stranger here on Hook Life, was one the people suspending with Wings of Desire that day. He was celebrating another milestone, his 50th coma suspension. That brings his total to 85 suspensions so far. For this one, he thought it was fitting to perform a 50 point coma in honor of the occasion. And in case anyone is wondering, yes there are plans brewing for his 100th suspension when it comes around. We haven’t heard what it is yet, but I would imagine it will be something wonderful.

Wing of Desire is a team that I consistently hear fantastic things about. It’s so easy to become comfortable in your skills as a suspension practitioner, and lose sight of continuing to learn and improve. I have so much respect for Havve and his team. With all of his experience with suspension, he has managed to stay focused on the importance of learning, and has passed that along to his group as well as the teams that have had the opportunity to work with him.

Thank you so much Havve for the great photos, and for keeping us up to date with what you guys have going on.

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