The Dallas Suscon is right around the corner, and everyone is hard at work getting prepared for the event. Well while you are double checking your supplies, you might like to know that Brent Taylor’s new 7 gauge Black Sheep Hooks are now available for order online. Go ahead, take a minute to celebrate.

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Since the last time we heard from Brent he has faced a few holdups in production, but the hooks are now in and ready to be delivered. The new 7 gauge design has a step down tip that tapers up slightly to allow an 8 gauge needle to be used for inserting the hook. Although no weight guarantees are given with these hooks, in testing they were known to hold around up to 400lbs without failing; an impressive step up from the previous design’s suggested 150 lb limit.

If you don’t feel like ordering online, they will also be available to purchase at the Dallas Suscon this year. Thank you, Brent, for keeping in touch with us about what you have going on, I’ll be looking forward to playing with these when we get to Dallas.