I always love to see people who look happy when they suspend; there is something exciting about knowing the kind of joy and rush that they are feeling when you see that look on their face. When I came across photos of this lovely young lady who was nothing but smiles during a 6 point resurrection, I definitely wanted to find out more. These photographs are of Lythium Barbie’s 2nd public suspension, and were taken by the very talented Derek Cutting. I don’t think there is any question about how it went for her; the beautiful smile on her face says it all.

Although she has been suspending for around 4 years now, she has just recently moved into public suspensions with iWasCured. Their group is a Toronto based suspension team, with members participating in both performance suspension as well as quieter, private settings. Founded in 2001, they have grown into a team that now includes members all across Ontario, offering everything from small suspension gatherings to larger conventions to give people the opportunity to see and experience body suspension first hand.

Thanks for the great photographs, and for taking the time to tell us about your suspension. Judging from these images, it looks like you are going to have a great time with suspending in future performances. Keep us updated on how it goes, I’m sure everyone would love to see more of your smiling face here on Hook Life!

If you have photos or videos that you would like to see on Hook Life, feel free to submit them to Southtownbaby@suspension.org